Who We Are

As the “go to” name for Haute Horlogerie and Jewellery in Sicily, Restivo has followed watchmakers par excellence with dedication, professionalism and research for nearly a century. A history which began in 1922 in Enna where the founder, Cav. Restivo, established the company, respecting ancient Sicilian goldsmith traditions and from where he took his first steps in a life of adventure that, in 1955, led him to Catania.
The Restivo Group today boasts five stores in Sicily: in Corso Italia, Catania; in Corso Matteotti, Syracuse; at no. 27 & 105 Corso Umberto in Taormina and Via Lani in Panarea. With such prestigious addresses, the stores are located in exclusive shopping areas. And it is today’s generation who, having learnt from past traditions, has established itself as a reference point for all lovers of jewellery, not only for its unique value but, above all, for the careful study of materials and designs chosen by Restivo.
A play on shapes to stylishly emphasize how the culture of jewellery is inextricably bound to that of wristwatches. Giovanni Restivo, who runs the company with his son Francesco, states: “We have an international clientele who, apart from our fellow Italians, includes  Middle East Arabians, Indians, Brazilians, Chinese and Russians: each quite demanding but all requiring the most prestigious timepieces and complicated mechanisms. All our staff participate in refresher courses at the manufacturers’ sites in order to offer a competent, professional service. The wristwatch market has changed: it has suffered from the crisis that has certainly led to greater caution in purchases but without compromising the desire to indulge in a fine watch, which will never end. We believe in this industry and our ambitions are always great.”
The list of the most important watchmakers and jewellery maisons represented is remarkable