Panarea store Eolian islands

June 2015. At the epicentre of the chicest mediterranean summer scene, the new Restivo jewellery store opens under an innovated design. A descreet space inspired by the Aeolian architecture, with three windows overlooking the sea. The architect, Ulderico Lepreri, with more than twenty five years experience in the creation of the best stores in the industry, was inspired by the waves which become the leitmotif of the space, leading the visitor into a journey full of sensory emontions. Blue, white and gold tones become the creative principles of this marine inspired building, with its undulating ceilings, hidden ravines and subtle illumination: a unexpected harmonious vision. Curved white and golden windows, white floors, inclined walls, and hidden illumination make Restivo’s Panarea jewellery store an understated treasure chest, warm and relaxing, designed to accommodate the best brands in the industry.
Address: Via Lani
tel. 090 9199030
Openig time: from 25 may to 10 october 10,00 am – 00,00 pm