Catania store Corso Italia 268

May 2016– Another challenge for the group which, in 2016, marked the “year of reunification”. Designed by the architect Ulderico Lepreri, this space is a neutral container which accommodates multiple brands in the wristwatch, jewellery, design and gift items sector. A multibrand store opens in the most exclusive shopping street in Catania, at no. 268, Corso Italia. The walkways meander around different areas, creating a sense of visual surprises, starting from the entrance hall which provides iridescent equipment for all commodity sectors. Transparency of the facades and brightness, achieved with a lighting avant-garde design, creates an urban scene of subtle evoked emotions. Through the main entrance, one perceives the value of the history and tradition of the Restivo brand. The white and gold colours, the transparency of glass, the softness of the furnishings are harmoniously blended to provide a visual well-being while respecting tradition, acting as a theme tray for several historic commercial languages ​​of the brands present. Italia, 268 – Tel. 095 387817

Opening time: Monday 04,30 pm – 08,30 pm; Tuesday – Saturday  09,00 am – 01,00 pm; 04,30 pm – 08,30 pm